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A message from our sponsors!

     With age comes experience. After having a massive heart attack in 2015, Ken had the sudden, uh-huh, realization that he had been given a second chance thanks to his incredible wife, Amanda, the Lexington Fire Dept. and some amazing doctors. Death has a funny way of defining one's priorities. So all these years later, all of life's journeys have finally come to merge at one sunny crossroad.  There is nothing left to prove. Being older has brought more confidence and comfort in who he is.

     The following is a list of some of the great musicians he has had the honor of working with in the studio, or appearing with on stage, or sharing the stage with (as part of an opening act and in various other conglomerations):

Madison Lewis, Alan Munde, Tony Trischka, Dr Tim Lake, J.D. Crowe, Alabama, Kentucky Headhunters, Alison Krauss, Buddy Spicher, Joe Carr, Bill Monroe, John Cowan, Mark Shatz, J.P. Pennington (Exile), Stuart Duncan, Ronnie Mcdowell, Virginia Squires, Lloyd Maines (the Dixie Chicks), Jay Flippin, Dave Anderson, The Cox Family, Dan Seals, The Battlefield band, Maura Oconnell, Mose Allison, Henry Hipkens, Bruce Lewis, Josh Logan, Frankie Mcwhorter (former member of Bob Wills' band), Johnny Gimble, Richard Bennett, Barry Mitterhoff, Steve Bryant, Daniel Carwile, Todd Phillips, Curt Chapman, Don Rigsby, Michito Sanchez, Tony Nagy and others. 


Ken has appeared nationally on television and radio on the following:


-The Nashville Network

-PBS(sideman for Tim Lake)-Jubilee, and In Performance

at the Governor's Mansion

-Homefront Performances-Syndicated radio program

-Ecuadorean National Television with Tim Lake

-Texas Public Television


-Featured in the Independent film, "Heart Of The Hills: The Story Of

Mountain Music," as part of a segment hosted by Dr. Tim Lake. Ken also plays on much of the background music with Tim and Roger Bonderant and Kelly Caldwell.. This production includes many of the greats of Country and Bluegrass music: Ricky Skaggs, Dwight Yoakum, Loretta Lynn, Ralph Stanley, Wynonna, and many more.

-In 2007, recordings that Ken played on with Dr. Lake

were featured on NPR's "All Things Considered."

-WUKY(Lexington, Ky) and more.............


In addition, Ken has played on hundreds of recordings that have been heard on radio stations all over the world. He has also appeared in numerous commercials for the Keeneland Association, St Joseph Hospital, Kentucky Educational Television and many others, and produced many local and regional acts.


Mr. Holbrook also worked in Professional road bands from 1986 until 1996. At one point, he was living out of hotels for well over two years! (Some serious dues paying!...)

He has appeared at festivals, clubs, arenas, and special events in 41 states, all the way from Austin, Texas, to New York City; and even a little of South America.

Thru all of this, his one constant has been his desire to teach; to spread the word if you will. This has led to well over 6000 private students...........and counting!

And finally...............Ken has played at over 200 weddings during his career. 

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