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Ken Holbrook Services


Multi-instrumentalist, educator, technical geek

Ken is a professional musician, teacher, recording engineer, and all-around technical geek with over 30 years experience in the music industry.  He has taught over 7000 private students, played on hundreds of audio and video projects, both regionally and nationally, and appeared on stage with many respected and world-class musicians at venues throughout the United States and around the world.  As a special note of importance, Ken highly recommends  Daniel and Amy Carwile and Dr Tim Lake exclusively as outstanding private teachers and players in Central Kentucky. Daniel and Amy can be reached thru their web site at and Tim can be found at

Ken Holbrook Master Demo - Ken Holbrook

A six minute recording of me totally indulging myself! I played everything but  sax, clarinet and the upright bass. That was Dave Anderson and Nathan Wilson. I also didnt sing Tramp On the Street. That was Jaynie Mcintosh. 

These are two original songs of mine recorded several years ago in Nashville at Amy Grant's studio. It's interesting to me as an engineer that even though these are not even finished mixes they contain a certain glue that only a great Neve console can bring to a mix. This also features my good friend Tony Nagy on Bass. Tony is the guy I consider to be the "Gold Standard" for  bass in any Genre. That's his arrangement of Faith. Even though it's a pretty old recording, it still sounds fresh. It also doesn't hurt that the other players are Chris Brown on drums, Sam Bush's drummer, Steve Willets on piano, and the great John Cowan on vocals. Check out his harmonies on Hampton Roads. 

Faith - Ken Holbrook
Hampton Roads - Ken Holbrook
Pear Tree Waltz - Ky Trio

Pear Tree Waltz is a tune written by Art Mize and played by Art, Nick Lawrence, and myself on a cd called funny enough, "Kentucky Trio'. I present it here because it is a great tune and one of my favorite solos I have ever recorded.

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